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BRAVE Rod Warranty/Care


All BRAVE rods carry a Guarantee by the Manufacturer (not just the retailer) for a period of 12 months from the purchase date (proof of purchase required).

A full replacement will be provided if found to be faulty or not fit for intended purpose/use it was designed for.

In any cases where a rod has been broken by misuse, we on behalf of the manufacturer will offer to provide a replacement rod / rod section at a heavily reduced price to the original purchaser with proof of purchase in the form of the original receipt.



These newer style of rods on our market are much stiffer, lighter, stronger and a lot more sensitive than the older composite graphite/fibre glass style rods.
BUT these rods are a lot more fragile when bent in any direction other than the working curve of the rod and during normal fishing use they will not break unless exposed or subject to the following:
* Trying to lift or land a fish using the rod rather than lifting it by the trace or using a net or gaff or Lip grip device.
* Try and clear a lure or hook from a snag using the rod or rod tip
* The rod is subject to abnormal working conditions and is bent incorrectly or abnormally.
Never bend a graphite rod with your hand and/or thumb

Most of the New Style Carbon/Graphite rods we see broken are caused by:
* People demonstrating how to bend a rod.
* Jamming it in a car door/boot.
* Being jammed/rammed into a rod holder.
* Having damage sustained by being hit/knocked against a hard object. (Boat, Floor, Door.etc)
* Standing on it.
* Using the Rod Tip to try and free your hook/lure from a snag on the bottom.
* Lifting fish out of water, which in turn high sticks the rod and creates a weak point – being misused
* Rigging up the rod and pulling the line alongside the rod and forcing an unnatural bend – causes a break/fracture.

If a rod blank is faulty, It will break the first time it is used and bent/loaded up!
ALL our rods are bent under load and tested before being sold.
If a rod does break under load whilst under correct use – It has most certainly sustained a hard knock or blow prior.

Our mission is to provide you with a Top Shelf Rod at a very reasonable price and we want you to get years of enjoyment from it.
By following the above mentioned advice and information you will get many many years of use and enjoyment from it.

Thank You from The BRAVE Rods Australia Team


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